The Beti  is part of the extra-large ethnic group Fan-Beti-Bulu and constitutes a large ethnic group on its own found in the Center region and south region of Cameroon. What is interesting about Beti and its tribes is the parallel evolution pattern they have followed while spreading over the centre, south and even the Littoral region of Cameroon. The Beti tribes include Mvele, Ntumu, Eton, Ewondo (Yaoundé), Eseka, Manguissa. These people are faithful to their identity and traditions and therefore to their culture core, in spite of the small number of them who have decided to fully adapt to another cultural features-principally the Eton people who are now part of the Bassa mainly because of economy.(which are different from the Beti but have certain things like religion and economy in common). As a result, some Beti settle in parts of the littoral region of Cameroon sharing almost the same climate and therefore the same resources and vegetation with respect to the potential of these places to respond to their subsistence needs. In this way, the regions in which they settled can thus be seen as culture area with the basic culture type being their subsistence pattern (which you are going to discover soon). We will only focus on one of the Beti tribe in our work called Mvele.

While making an anthropological study of this tribe, we found it very interesting to discover their world and how sharply individuals differ from others on the basis of their culture. It was not an easy task but we think we did our best!

Hope you will feel the same pleasure as us while reading this. So, enjoy discovering about the Mvele Tribe!!!!!

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